John Masserano’s services as a dental office consultant were quite comprehensive. This is something you need, especially if you have never built a dental office. My wife and I were constantly looking at potential opportunities for several years and we were unable to move forward – we were going in circles. My wife was referred to John by a dentist/friend. At first, we had our reservations. Now, after all the work and effort and time that John spent on our behalf, I can tell you that the amount expertise to create a fully functional office like John designed was not possible for most dentists. A lot of dentists feel that they can save on some costs by doing it all themselves. They can’t. Dentists that decide to do this enormous project themselves make costly mistakes and worse off, they spend time on something that is not within their field of expertise – dentistry. We started from scratch about 9 months ago with John and we just opened a brand new office in May 2011. In the summer of 2010 we only had ideas but John spent the time going over the pluses and minuses with each step of the process. Whether it was location demographics, equipment purchasing, marketing, or lease negotiations, and much more….. John is always available to you for your questions and concerns. Once again, he is very comprehensive.