Dr. Mayer Noskow

I opened my second practice within two years. Used John Masserano for both practices. I have tremendous gratitude for John and his team. Highly recommended!

Dr. Eyal Simchi

Awesome company. I really couldn’t have started my practice without them. From finding the spot to designing the space and everything else until I opened, they walked me through every step. John is the nicest most knowledgeable guy in the business and his team is amazing!

Dr. Celeste Fernandez-Vives

Building an office from scratch is no easy feat, but John and his team truly made everything as easy as possible for me. Joe was great with his real estate knowledge; Jay was an awesome project manager and was quick to respond to anything and everything; Danielle’s design skills were amazing, and John was the glue that held it all together. I can’t say enough good things about them. I’m truly thankful for all their help and guidance throughout the process. I’m in Month 7 of a start up and couldn’t be happier!

Dr. Stacey Reynolds

Before I worked with John I had asked a good friend advice about how to open a dental office. She had a fast growing practice and I wanted to emulate her success. She flat out told me ‘Don’t do anything before you call this guy. I wish i had someone like him when i opened up my practice.’ She followed up by sending me John’s info. I felt as if I needed to build my office quickly. I could write pages about how John can make your life easier on so many levels. Suffice it to say that the bottom line is that you’re fooling yourself if you think you can do this alone. John Masserano is the ultimate concierge to a painless opening of your dental practice. If i ever opened another office I wouldn’t do it without him.

Dr. Mark Raider and Dr. Delaney Acosta

John Masserano’s services as a dental office consultant were quite comprehensive. This is something you need, especially if you have never built a dental office. My wife and I were constantly looking at potential opportunities for several years and we were unable to move forward – we were going in circles. My wife was referred to John by a dentist/friend. At first, we had our reservations. Now, after all the work and effort and time that John spent on our behalf, I can tell you that the amount expertise to create a fully functional office like John designed was not possible for most dentists. A lot of dentists feel that they can save on some costs by doing it all themselves. They can’t. Dentists that decide to do this enormous project themselves make costly mistakes and worse off, they spend time on something that is not within their field of expertise – dentistry. We started from scratch about 9 months ago with John and we just opened a brand new office in May 2011. In the summer of 2010 we only had ideas but John spent the time going over the pluses and minuses with each step of the process. Whether it was location demographics, equipment purchasing, marketing, or lease negotiations, and much more….. John is always available to you for your questions and concerns. Once again, he is very comprehensive.

Dr. Nira Dwivedi

Contacting John Masserano was the single smartest move I made in starting my own oral and maxillofacial surgery practice. John helped me through all aspects of the process: from negotiating my bank loan to construction to the final finishing touches of my office while staying within my budget. Starting one’s practice is very stressful but with John’s expertise, it was a cake walk. I am extremely pleased with the final outcome of my office and I cannot thank John and his team enough!!

Dr. Marian Farag

Building out a new dental practice is extremely difficult. Even more so when you have to manage an existing practice alongside the new construction. John Masserano made this process completely do-able and relatively stress-free. He helped me make my dream office a reality. I couldn’t (and wouldn’t) have done it without him. From the beginning planning stages, through the construction, to the finishing details, John and his team assisted me every step of the way. John is very organized and knowledgeable in all facets of the dental office construction plan, and thinks of details you never would. I whole-heartedly recommend him to any colleague considering starting or expanding their dental practice.

Dr. Eytan Chen

I had been thinking about opening a practice on my own for years, but it felt overwhelming – until John helped smooth the way. John helped me with every aspect of opening my practice – starting with choosing the area, finding the right property, negotiating the lease, and securing the bank loan. He understands what goes into the design and construction of an office and guided me through every single step of the building process. I was working full time during this entire process and John made it as stress-free as possible. I am thrilled to be the owner of my own practice and I would recommend John to anyone interested in starting out.

Dr. Andrea Mann

Working with John is one of the best decisions you can make. If you had to choose between doing a complicated dental procedure for the first time by teaching yourself, or with a seasoned, expert mentor by your side making you look and feel like a pro, which would you prefer? While building an office is an incredibly exciting undertaking, it is also inherently stressful. Rather than struggle to figure things out and possibly make costly mistakes, working with John is an absolute must. He is a wealth of knowledge about every step and his people skills are unmatched; he diffuses the difficult problems which inevitably crop up during the process incredibly well. His fee will more than pay for itself with savings made negotiating on your behalf along the way. My biggest regret working with John is that I didn’t know about him from the very start. I could have never done this without him.

Dr. Madiam Figueredo and Jose Figueredo

If you think that building your own practice can be a DIY project, you are probably wrong. Think about this: would you take on building your own house? No? a dental office is a far more complex build out than the average home. This is a multifaceted project that involves various trades, some of them very specific. John Masserano and his team will take you by the hand every step of the way from budgeting to attaining the C.O. so you can do what you do best. You will offset the expense of their fee by using his sources and you will get peace of mind of having professionals in charge.

Dr. Romey Sabnani and Dr. Laura Sabnani

We were referred to John by a trusted friend who had recently used John’s services for her startup practice. We were just starting the process of attempting to open our own practice and were completely overwhelmed. Originally, we planned to hire John solely to negotiate the terms of our lease, but after speaking with him we quickly decided that we would be crazy not to have his expertise for the entire process. With both of us working and having two kids, the full time job of opening a practice would have been very difficult, if not impossible, for us to do alone. John handled all of our negotiations, hiring of companies, overseeing construction, dealings with the bank, our budget, and so much more. We often met to discuss progress and John was always available to speak. The entire process went very smoothly for us. Any issues that did arise were handled by John without concern. Not only is John fantastic, but his team including Deborah the designer and John Manna the project manager were amazing. They are all GREAT people to work with and we consider them friends as well. We get compliments in our office every day! We have been open for a few months now and although John’s job with us is complete, his team and himself are still so helpful when minor issues arise. The money we saved by utilizing John’s services far exceeds the costs for his services. Without a doubt, hiring John was the best decision we made!

Dr. Archana Devi and Dr. Bernadette Lapena

John came highly recommended to us by our colleagues, Drs. Ron Chang and Alice Lee, and we cannot thank them enough for the referral. His professionalism, integrity, attention to detail and seamless coordination of projects are just some highlights of his most valuable qualities. Being a startup, he has very patiently guided us with his years of experience and “handholding” is his signature style. He and his team have surpassed our expectations in helping us build an office that we absolutely love. One of the best qualities of John is his continuous effort to integrate his client’s dreams into reality and he celebrates their successes as his own. Thank you, John.

Dr. Karan Estwick

I decided to take a leap of faith and open my own practice but had absolutely no idea what to do. That is where John Masserano came in. My accountant had heard of the excellent work that he had done for other dentists and recommended that I give him a call. Deciding to use John as my project manager was the best decision that I made throughout this entire journey of opening my practice. He is worth every penny that he charges and then some. From site selection to the final inspection, John was there to literally hold my hand and help me to make informed decisions. He put together an excellent team: architect, interior design and construction. Everything went smoothly and on schedule, and John handled minor setbacks along the way promptly and efficiently. I have received numerous compliments from patients and parents who love the final product. One mom even called to schedule an appointment last week because her sister had seen the office and was impressed by the job that John and his team did. I would strongly recommend that every dentist thinking of building an office use John and his team. I guarantee that it will be a wise decision.

Dr. Francis Shin

I just completed my dream dental office, and don’t think that I could have achieved this without the team at Masserano Real Estate and Consulting. Dentistry is a very demanding profession, and knowing that this amazing team was taking care of building my new office build allowed me to focus on my job without agonizing over details and issues that come with construction. Most importantly, John was there to establish and maintain a budget. Highly recommended!

Dr. Christopher Chung

After John Masserano and his team very successfully designed and relocated my Millburn orthodontic practice in 2016 which ended up being used as a model facility for Invisalign’s advertising, I used them again for the design and relocation of my Edison practice. As before, John and his team exceeded my expectations! The design team of Masserano Real Estate and Consulting worked with me and our staff to achieve a layout that provides the best possible patient experience in our office while also creating a very efficient yet comfortable place for our staff to treat patients. The design of our office also accommodates room for practice growth. From there, Masserano produced a set of construction drawings, negotiated various agreements and did everything else necessary to get our project under way and completed. They served as my project manager, quarterbacking all aspects of the process with managing our budget, managed the contractors, led interactions with the condo association, supervised and coordinated installations of cabinets, equipment, signage, the practice relocation and every other detail that led to getting us into our new home. Aside from their depth of knowledge in all aspects of what they do, I would say that Masserano and his team have the utmost integrity and passion for what they do. They truly feel like a business partner and friend, something that is extremely comforting to have when navigating projects such as mine. I definitely rate Masserano and his team FIVE STARS!! Dr. Christopher Chung

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