“Location, location, location” best summarizes the three most important criteria for a good site. Beyond that, there are many other factors that MREC helps its clients to prioritize and seek as they pursue sites. Aside from ensuring that potential locations will properly accommodate our clients’ space plan and/or site plan, MREC also considers convenience, accessibility, parking, visibility, appearance and affordability. Based on experience, information and service from nearly 100 existing licensed commercial real estate brokers, we are able to effectively determine the best available sites within a short amount of time. Our findings are not only based on information from the various available site databases, but more importantly, they are also derived from physically viewing the target areas as defined through our market research. At the end of a typical site selection day with an MREC representative and local real estate broker, the client has gained a thorough understanding of each of these considerations. This includes long-term site viability, market rents or values, potential occupancy costs, project budgets and challenges. Because our clients are empowered by this collaborative experience, the parties take away a clear, agreed-upon strategy to obtain the best possible location.

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