Many purchases must be made for the development of a healthcare facility. It is extremely difficult for doctors to be certain that each purchase is optimal in the grand scheme of building their practice when there is so much to be considered, let alone making sure that each purchase price is fair or advantageous. Working with MREC on the purchases of all fixed-asset items and services allows our clients the advantage of working with an experienced company that has made these same purchases numerous times before. Since many doctors will purchase only a few large-ticket items within the life of their practice, why not huddle with someone who assists with the purchase of such devices on a regular basis?

The team at MREC directs its clients to the appropriate vendors, dealers and manufacturers, and we are able to help specialist clients who need to assemble equipment from a number of direct-purchase sources. We do not directly pay for or resell items purchased by our clients, as our clients’ money does not flow through our company. Instead, we recommend and negotiate purchases for our clients, and then we arrange and account for payments from our clients’ lenders to their vendors. Very often our clients are able to take advantage of industry discounts available to our customers. The bottom line of our purchase guidance services is very simple. Rather than profit from sales made to our clients, we profit from ensuring that our clients’ needs are met within their budgets and timeframes. This is because our business is primarily built upon referrals.

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