One of the highest priorities for any business or development is obtaining financing. Until a commitment for funds is secured, there is often little progress that can be made beyond the basic feasibility and market research studies. MREC helps its clients gather the information that should be presented to prospective lenders. Then MREC recommends the appropriate lenders or broker for the project at hand, and the financial information is presented as efficiently as possible. Half the battle is knowing which capital resources are the most appropriate for a particular project. The other half is understanding where flexibility may be within the financing proposals, and selecting the right individuals or organizations with whom to work. Without the information supplied by MREC, doctors might chase dead-end financing leads for extended periods of time, or overlook the most appropriate resource opportunities. Financing must be carefully structured in such a way that it accommodates the practice development process, particularly when there is little or no upfront capital that can be placed into the project.

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