Our team procures the appropriate set of architectural and engineering design documents necessary to obtain pricing and building permits and to perform construction. This involves helping to produce the working documents, which are a combination of creative design drawings completed by our firm, architectural and engineering designs completed by locally licensed professionals, and plans and specifications by equipment, furniture, way-finding, lighting and technology vendors and manufacturers. The creative design documents produced within our firm consist of site plans, floor plans, ceiling plans, lighting plans, cabinetry designs, elevation drawings, finish specifications and diagrams, locations of outlets for phones, computers, equipment and convenience electrical. We also document the specifications for all fixtures, and we specify locations for gases, air, suction, lead lining or other industry-specific items. The creative plans and specifications created by our firm serve as the basis for the architectural and engineering design drawings. The plans we procure contain appropriate details of architecture, landscaping, construction and the engineering of all mechanical, plumbing, electrical, structural and civil aspects of the project.

Most importantly, we ensure that the final set of construction documents reflects our clients’ wishes and does not contain discrepancies between the pages provided by various contributors. With that, we understand the dichotomy of producing construction documents that are as simple as they are detailed. Our experience has taught us the pitfalls of including too much of the wrong kinds of detail and not enough of the right ones. By employing MREC, our clients receive more than just a random set of architectural and engineering documents. The smartly constructed plans give them the full benefit of our experience, which inevitably results in a reduction in cost, time and stress.

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