MREC’s construction administration service saves our clients a great amount of time that can be used on other aspects of developing their practice. Also, our implementation of industry best practices within our construction administration service saves money and prevents mistakes. MREC has years of experience with remotely managing projects, and the key to successfully doing so begins with good planning and selecting the right local team. In addition, multiple site visits are made for inspecting, coordinating and supporting those who are working in the field. Correctly building this foundation and rapport with local teams allows us to keep projects on track with reasonable travel expenses. Also, the use of technology for documenting and communicating all aspects of our projects helps to hold everyone involved accountable for their roles. Our goal is to deliver a building product that is constructed to the level of quality and expectation required to appropriately complement the design. Last, we strive to minimize the stress associated with developing new facilities as much as possible, by avoiding problems and by being there when our clients need us.

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