Round Rock TX – Jovan Prosthodontics and Jovan Orthodontics




Release Date

February 2010


Dr. Ace Jovanovski and Dr. Sarah Jovanovski


Masserano Real Estate and Consulting, LLC


Dr. Ace Jovanovski, prosthodontist, and Dr. Sarah Jovanovski, orthodontist, took advantage of an opportunity to purchase an office condo for the home of their start-up practices in Round Rock, TX. Still completing their residency programs in New Orleans, LA about eight hours away, they needed assistance and representation to move their development forward. Masserano first helped formulate the business plan including a project budget and financial projections for each practice. From there the project was presented by Masserano to several lenders that have a track record for being aggressive on terms and yet able to smoothly administer a complete product, and ultimately the Jovanovskis were able to make an informed decision on a very competitive financing package tailored to suit the needs of their start-up practice. In tandem with that, Masserano established and directed a team that included a local attorney to assist with negotiating and implementing a purchase and sale agreement for the property as well as a local CPA to advise regarding bank accounts, business structure and formation of the business entities. While coordinating the lending with the real estate acquisition, Masserano also helped to select vendors negotiating costs for equipment and all other purchases involved in the development. This encompassed evaluating and getting on board other service providers and helping with interior design. Finally, Masserano performed all project cost tracking and accounting, directed the loan closing processes to insure that as much working capital as possible was retained for operations, and obtained a cost segregation analysis to help maximize accelerated depreciation on upcoming tax returns. Around nine months after Masserano took this assignment, Jovan Orthodontics and Jovan Prosthodontics is taking off and the Jovanovskis need only to look forward to a bright future!

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