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September 2011


Dr. Mark Raider and Dr. Delaney Acosta


Masserano Real Estate and Consulting, LLC


“John Masserano’s services as a dental office consultant were quite comprehensive. This is something you need, especially if you have never built a dental office. My wife and I were constantly looking at potential opportunities for several years and we were unable to move forward – we were going in circles. My wife was referred to John by a dentist/friend. At first, we had our reservations. Now, after all the work and effort and time that John spent on our behalf, I can tell you that the amount expertise to create a fully functional office like John designed was not possible for most dentists. A lot of dentists feel that they can save on some costs by doing it all themselves. They can’t. Dentists that decide to do this enormous project themselves make costly mistakes and worse off, they spend time on something that is not within their field of expertise – dentistry. We started from scratch about 9 months ago with John and we just opened a brand new office in May 2011. In the summer of 2010 we only had ideas but John spent the time going over the pluses and minuses with each step of the process. Whether it was location demographics, equipment purchasing, marketing, or lease negotiations, and much more….. John is always available to you for your questions and concerns. Once again, he is very comprehensive.” Dr. Mark Raider and Dr. Delaney Acosta

Dr. Delaney Acosta, pediatric dental specialist, and her husband Dr. Mark Raider, general dentist, took advantage of an opportunity to start their practices together in Mahopac, NY. Though Mark and Delaney’s practices are separate, along with their waiting rooms and treatment areas, parts of their office and equipment are shared to realize economies of scale with development and operating costs. More importantly the combined practices of Acosta and Raider will offer a complete set of dental services to families of all ages that is unique to the area. Masserano first helped formulate their business plans including a project budget and financial projections for each practice. From there the project financing was negotiated by Masserano, and also a unique office lease was negotiated wherein the landlord who is also a contractor included the entire construction of the office at a savings to the practices. To accomplish that, the detailed design and specifications for the office had to be created early in the process, and afterward the Masserano team had to work very closely with the builder, who was not adept in constructing dental facilities, so that the office could be built to the standards of Masserano, Acosta and Raider. In tandem with that, Masserano worked with the client’s attorney and CPA to help get the businesses structured and entities formed, and business owners’ insurances were also negotiated and implemented. Masserano helped to select all the vendors involved on the project and to determine the equipment and each scope of work and set of specifications, negotiate their contracts and manage and coordinate their work. Masserano’s local interior designer created a look and feel for each practice that was appropriate to their specialty as well as for the area and the project budget. Finally, Masserano performed all project cost and budget tracking and directed the loan administration and closing processes to insure that as much working capital as possible was retained for operations. And while all of the facility related areas of their project were being optimized by Masserano, Dr. Acosta and Dr. Raider were able to arrange their practice marketing, establish themselves with patient insurance carriers and hire their initial staff members – also with some coordination with Masserano. A little over eight months after Masserano took this assignment, Acosta Pediatric Dentistryand Raider General Dentistry are set for a strong launch of their practices!

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