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Release Date

February 2011


Dr. Damien Grant


Masserano Real Estate and Consulting, LLC


Sometimes a frustrating situation can lead to a beautiful solution. Dr. Damien Grant found himself faced with a difficult lease renewal negotiation for his primary office location in Douglasville, GA. Rather than succumb to the unreasonable demands of his landlord, he decided to take advantage of the opportunity to relocate, expand and upgrade from his “outgrown” and “tired” facility. Under the tightest of time frames, Masserano Real Estate and Consulting helped Dr. Grant to land a favorable loan and fair office lease. Our team designed the office, negotiated the construction contract, expedited the building permit and construction process, and arranged for all technology, equipment and other purchases and installations. We worked tirelessly to coordinate every aspect of the office relocation and up-fit, which included demolishing the former build-out and building and furnishing a completely new space from scratch. Dr. Grant’s new office features custom designed cabinetry through-out, decorative panels from 3-Form, elegant design details and a sensible landlord! We were able to have Dr. Grant seeing patients in the new facility within three months of his initial decision to relocate – which included the entire holiday season Thanksgiving through New Years! Learn more here about Grant Orthodontics.

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