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October 2011


Dr. Nira Dwivedi


Masserano Real Estate & Consulting, LLC


“Contacting John Masserano was the single smartest move I made in starting my own oral and maxillofacial surgery practice. John helped me through all aspects of the process: from negotiating my bank loan to construction to the final finishing touches of my office while staying within my budget. Starting one’s practice is very stressful but with John’s expertise, it was a cake walk. I am extremely pleased with the final outcome of my office and I can not thank John and his team enough!!” Dr. Nira Dwivedi

Perseverance can be the name of the game when searching for the right location in a densely populated area such as the Bayside part of Queens, NY. Dr. Nira Dwivedi and John Masserano exhibited that virtue as they combed the streets and buildings within the area they targeted during the market research phase of this project. Finally finding an excellent space with parking in the heart of Bayside, an ideally laid out oral and maxillofacial surgery office began to come together.

The process began with Masserano assisting Dr. Dwivedi with the development of a business plan and obtaining project financing. Market research was under way in conjunction with this planning, and then a thorough search for sites began. Uncompromising on their requirements for the office location, Masserano and Dr. Dwivedi spent over a year before acquiring a lease space in a professional office building. Upon identifying the space, Masserano’s team very quickly completed the office design, specification of equipment and systems, and negotiation of the construction contract. Working with a permit expediter and locally licensed architect, a building permit was obtained quickly with construction beginning simultaneously. Great care was taken to control costs though the quality of construction and interior design was top notch.

As a result, Dr. Dwivedi’s Little Neck Bay Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery is starting off with the nicest facility in the area, yet the long term overhead and growth potential are optimized for the building of a very successful practice.

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