Englewood, NJ – July 2016 – John Masserano, Principal of Masserano Real Estate and Consulting, LLC, announces that Maritza Duran has joined the MREC team as Director of Practice Development as of the second quarter of 2016. Mrs. Duran is a dental practice consultant with expertise in the areas of pediatric dentistry, general dentistry and orthodontics. Beginning her career as a dental assistant, Duran has spent the past 17 years working in and growing dental practices, both enhancing existing practices as well as starting them from scratch herself.

“We are very lucky to have discovered Maritza just as she was setting out to form her own dental practice consultancy. With the joined forces of Maritza and the rest of our team, we truly have the ability to help dental professionals with every aspect of their businesses,” said Masserano.

Duran’s experience involves years of on the job training and coaching for perfecting processes for the entire patient experience. Among the many areas of practice operations, she is an expert at negotiating with patient insurance companies and credentialing, setting up, implementing and training on marketing initiatives, determining likely sources of referral business, community outreach, hiring and grooming staff, creating incentive plans, managing inventory, optimizing scheduling, developing culture within a practice, reviewing performance, negotiating compensation, OSHA and HIPAA procedures, increasing profitability AND tracking performance.
Further, John says, “We now have the tools needed to identify areas for operational improvement within our clients’ practices, but as important – we can help new practices to implement the right culture and habits for success right out of the gate!”

With Duran, Masserano now brings a much needed offering to startup practices that are on a budget but want to get operations established correctly and quickly from the beginning. Duran is also visiting with practices started previously that are finding their way to the next level of performance. And as part of the Masserano REC practice appraisal team, Duran equates practice performance to practice values, something Masserano feels that practitioners should not lose sight of with their investments. The ability to identify areas of opportunity within existing practices directly adds value to Masserano’s clients.

Maritza Duran’s office at MREC is located at One Engle Street, Suite 201, Englewood, NJ 07631, and Maritza can be reached by calling 800.569.4160 x702 or emailing maritza@masseranopractices.com.

Visit www.masseranopractices.com for more information.